Gregg And Kerry Reynolds
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   Gregg, Kerry, Matthew and Tim Reynolds
  Greg and Kerry's Background

  about me
    Gregg Reynolds saw his first Volvo in 1972. And shortly thereafter drove home in a 1967 122S 2 door in cherry red, with black interior.
With a B18 motor, it travelled many miles and saw many firsts in his young life. First submarine race at midnight, first time to do 80 mph down George Street Sydney, first time to "the Ton" (100 mph on the open road), first lap dash with the Volvo Club of NSW ... *** SIGH ***

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Our 122S is now a part of the family, and has been part of our life for around 16 years.
Matt and Tim love it, and love and outing in the OLVO .. It replaced a well loved white 2 door, with a Stage 2 motor, written off by a fool who ran a red light ... we cried for years ...


I have had lots of 122S's in a variety of formats .. 2 doors, 4 doors and a wagon. I even owned a 144DL auto for a while.


While I am no afficionardo, I constantly surprise myself with model and engine knowledge.