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Forget the bleeding obvious, like Simon Templar (Val Kilmer) driving an C70 coupe in "The Saint", this site is dedicated to the appearance of Volvos, and especially classy classic Volvos in the movies and on TV.
Mostly the Volvo gets to play just supporting roles (and where is the oscar for the best supporting car in a drama or comedy ???).
See if you recognised these Stars (the Volvos not the people) in their professional roles ...


Mousehunt 1998 Is that a 544 that the two brothers drive to wealth and freedom ??
Garp ???? Wasn't Garp (Robyn Williams) get a headie in the front of his 544, when the car was rammed from behind. I think he lost it in more ways than one.



Sure thing 1982 John Cuzack and Meri hhoosie (the shiela from Melrose Place) travel cross country in the back seat of a 122 wagon, being entertained by show tunes from the owner of the car ..(but honestly, I think Nicollette Sheridan (she played the SURE THING) was as beautiful as the volvo, but not a patch on my missus).
Armed and Dangerous 1987 John Candy commandeers a fuel truck which rams into the back of a black 122.
All the President's Men 1984 Robert Redford drives a pale blue 122 while trying to save the world.
Peake Practice 1998 This weekly serial about a doctor's practice in midlands UK is a classic English soapy. The 1999 series in Australia showed great promise when one of the doctors starring in the series drives a real star, a later model, red 122S 4 door. Unfortunately, it appears the show degenerates when the car is visciously rammed in an early episode.



The Saint ????? OK, OK, this is TOO EASY. The TV show, The Saint, with Roger Moore, had a P1800 as the sex symbol. (I think the new Saint, with the blond guy, put him in a Jaguar Sports ... it just didn't seem believable). Three 1800 made up the star, one for driving and two for interior shots (they were cut up). These vehicles are well documented. IPD featured its history in its monthly newsletter.
The Rainmaker ???? In Rainmaker, a P1800 featured during a street scene, where the star help centre stage for around 3 seconds !!



National Lampoon's Vacation 1986 Do the Griswalds own a 145 sedan, which they leave at home ?? I must watch this again. "The man is a genius with food additives ..."



The Shining ???? In the remake of Steven King's classic (the remake with the delightful Rebecca deMorney), a 240 has its right rear tyre sacrificed to a wanton school kid.
Still of the Night 1982 In this movie, starring Roy Schneider and Merryl Streep, Roy (playing a psychiatrist (what you say, a stereotypical use of Volvo's and mad psychiatrists ..)) drives a twin headlight 260 wagon. And then gets stabbed in the back in it (literally).
Sleepless in Seattle ?? Doesn't Meg Ryan drive a 240 in San Francisco.
ConAir 1997 Nicholas Cage drops a dead man from 10,000 feet straight onto the bonnet of a 240 wagon. The engine moved a little. The bird poop caused much less of an impression.



Santa Clause ???? In this Tim Allen comedy, Judge Reinhold (playing a zany psychiatrist) drives a rather plain 740 Volvo.



Someone must have seen something .. or are they also too good to trash ??



Someone must have seen something .. or are they also too good to trash ??



Blue Heelers 1998 An Australian soapie, Blue Heelers showed a Volvo XC being pursued by "Mr Plod" (the policeman). (The delightful Helen Hunt of VCQ advised this one)


The "Did I see Something" Category

Sleepless in Seattle ???? I think Meg Ryan drives her boyfriend's Volvo. It is later model 740/760 maybe ? But then i did think I saw the right one ????


Please feel free to mail me with other appearances you have appreciaited, or any corrections, comments or additions you may have.

Disclaimer : This is my first run, please be gentle in correcting my errors, and helpful in correcting them. And contrary to popular belief, I do not watch too many movies ...
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