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Australian Volvo Technical Resources


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Technical information on the Volvo range of vehicles abounds on the web. From email lists discussing problems, to people offering Volvo parts at great prices, it's all there. Here are a few resources we found interesting.

Volvo Parts

Interesting sites

Australian help



Email Sites

Swedishbricks This list is fairly active (60-80 per day), and tends to concentrate on mid 70-mid 90's models. It is frequented by many oldies though, and is often a great help in problem solving. It statrts from a web page.

Turbobricks A specialised list for the go-faster types with turbo-charged Volvos of all types

1800 list Another list, this one specialised for 1800 owners. A lot of info on the ES, but other stuff as well.


Volvo Parts

IPD The premier Volvo parts supplier in the USA. IPD covers a wide range of models, and has performance and utility parts available.

VolvoWorld Stephane Lapointe works out of Canada, and has a wide selection of second hand parts for older Volvos available. The informmation on this site is invaluable.

Don Tibault is a guru of parts and pieces for the P1800.


Interesting Sites

There is nothing that improves a 2-series car like 300 HP of V-8 under ther bonnet. This conversion was pioneered in Australia, but the info on the conversions comes best from overseas. Like Chev Volvo Conversion

Volvo Classics An on-line magazine offering the best of the best, classic Volvo information and piccies. A must for any lover of the 544, 122 or 1800.

Vintage Air An American site offering information about air conditioning performance cars.

Glen Goodspeed has a great site offering hints and tricks about 1800's, but lots of the stuff is of interest to other owners. Excellent.

There is nothing so good a s a good book on your favourite marque, and a stopping off point for great Volvo books is

Kirk's Page is a starting point for an adventure into US P1800 Volvo's and beyond.

Want to adjust your SU carbies .. this site (at MIT) gives a non-standard approach. Or perhaps you'd rather go to the home of English motoring, the Scions of Lucas, for help on SU's and many other issues.

Need to know the rolling radius of the tyre you selected for your beastie ??? Maybe a Dunlop equivalent miight give you the answer ...


Australian Help

Australian Volvo parts are available on the web. New and recycled parts available, as well as an email advise service.

Fulcrum Suspensions have a full range of suspension pieces to suit a WIDE range of Volvos.


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