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The Volvo Club of Queensland


Aims and ambitions

Well the boys are really all petrol heads, and the girls just want to have FUN ...and isn't that what owning a VOLVO is all about.While real men don't eat quiche, they do, in fact, drive the finest of engineered excelence, a Volvo.


Our Members

Grahame and Helen Hunt
Sam, Kaitlyn and Mark Williams
Gregg and Kerry Reynolds
Rob Bakker


VCQ Webmaster

Just let the power go to his head ...

mailbox Mark Williams

Volvo p1900 . anyone got one ?



Club news

We want you to know all about Club News and events to come.

An Aussie Volvo on-line Swap meet might be interesting. Your trash is someone else's treasure. Or maybe your interested in things technical (a la Volvo)??

Or have you seen a Volvo in the movies. Come and check it out. Is your favourite star credited with its appearance ??


Gregg's 122S

The Volvo Club of Queensland is proud to be associated with Volvo Australia, The Volvo Club of NSW (incorporating the Volvo Sporting Car Club (VSCC)), and the Australian 1800/120 Register.


For further information, please contact

Volvo Club of Queensland

Contact the lovely Helen Hunt

PO Box 216

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